We have proudly partnered with Kelly’s Butchers for the last 10 years, serving their exceptional produce in Wilde’s Restaurant and on our breakfast buffet.

How long have you been working with the Ashford Estate?
Kelly’s have been proudly associated with Ashford for about 10 years

How did the partnership first start? 
We made contact in a few different ways but the most memorable was when Sean Kelly was in New York as part of a Good Food Ireland promotion and met Paula Carroll from Ashford Castle who was on the same trip. They got chatting and the rest is history. 

How is your produce used in our restaurants/bars?
Ashford use Kelly’s Puddings and Kelly’s Sausages. They started out as part of the traditional Irish breakfast but Kelly’s Puddings in particular have made their way onto the dinner table as well. Chef Jonathan Keane from The Lodge at Ashford contributed a delicious recipe to our book, The Proof is in the Pudding, called ‘Kelly’s Black Pudding and Chocolate Truffles’. The book raises funds for Cystic Fibrosis West. 

What three words would you use to describe your product?
Traditional, artisan and flavoursome are the first ones that come to mind (though Seán Kelly says the better words are “Oh My God” – an enthusiastic response to the delicious taste!)

Tell us about the history of your business
Kelly’s Butchers is a traditional family butchers based in Newport, Co. Mayo. It was set up by Dominick Kelly in 1930 and is now run by his sons Seán and Seamus and the third generation, Kenneth, Cormac and Shauna. We are a full service butchers with our own abattoir and production unit as well as the retail shop and Kelly’s Kitchen café. We celebrated our 90th birthday last year (2020). 

What is your proudest/most memorable moment in your partnership with the Ashford Estate?
Every time we see Kelly’s Puddings and Sausages on the Ashford menu we feel a surge of pride in being associated with such a superb establishment. 

How is your location/connection with your local area reflected in your product?
Kelly's products are strongly based on traditional family recipes so they are firmly rooted in Newport and Mayo. We feel this is a really important part of our brand and we are very proud that what started as a small local butchers now has products known far and wide.

What plans do you have to develop your product/your partnership with Ashford?
Kelly’s Butchers are always innovative and we enjoy trying something different (banana in sausages and seaweed in puddings for example). Similarly, Ashford are innovators and chefs Philippe and Jonathan are always interested in new and different approaches to food. 

Describe a typical day in creating your product - what is the farm-to-table story?
Every day is different which makes life very interesting. Our connections with our local area is very strong and Seán Kelly has been buying stock from some local farmers since he was knee high to a grasshopper. He knows the land the animals graze on and the difference this makes to the taste. He particularly loves what he calls ‘sea spray lamb’, which grazes on pastures so close to the Atlantic Ocean that the sea spray reaches the grass on a wild day. It’s literally seasoned by nature and you can taste the difference on your plate.