Join Ziyaad Brown, Executive Chef, as he describes the cuisine that guests can expect during a stay at Xigera Safari Lodge...

Can you talk us through your journey so far at Xigera? 

My journey so far at Xigera has been life-changing. The moment I flew into the Delta, I knew that my destination was going to be a special one. We have been trying and testing the most delicious food and creating experiences for our guests that will be unsurpassed. Our world-class kitchen is equipped to spoil our guests with anything their heart desires. We intend to have full tummies and lasting memories!

What are some of the dishes guests can expect to have at Xigera? 

From our house-cured smoked salmon to our very own dry-aged triple-A Botswana beef, the culinary offering at Xigera will be world-class, with the absolute best in quality and variety. You can expect to have a generous breakfast display with interesting local ingredients such as Baobab porridge and a local pro-biotic milk called Madila. For lunch, our guests can expect wholesome, rustic salads with options like Josper-grilled freshwater bream on a delicious cashew nut pilau. We have a lovely afternoon tea presentation with the world's finest tea selection, especially curated for us. Our picnics will be a highlight during our guests' stay, with the perfect selection for a laid-back lunch. Dinner will be the highlight of the day with our boma experience, eating fireside from a state-of-the-art braai pit. On most evenings our guests will dine in our restaurant, with local and seasonal inspired menus.

What type of foods do you enjoy cooking the most? 

I love cooking anything over a fire and anything that reminds me of the delicious spreads I enjoy in my family life.

Can you talk us through some of the local suppliers you work with and why you chose to work with them specifically? 

We source our fresh milk and buttermilk from a local farmer. We have a free-range egg farmer in Maun that we love to support. We also support a local hydroponic farm, that produces the best and freshest vegetables for us. Our philosophy is to support and grow local. We love to support local small scale people and industries. 

How would you describe the overall dining experience at Xigera in three words? 

Our kitchen will have a 'simple but delicious' approach to cooking.