Exterior of Ashford Castle hotel located in Ireland


Red Carnation Hotels is lovingly named after the signature flower worn by Stanley, the husband of our President and Founder, Beatrice Tollman. It is proudly worn by each and every member of our team as a symbol of our passion, commitment and care.


Today the collection proudly stands at 17 exceptional properties around the world, each unique and special, whilst sharing the founding values that define the family-owned and run business. From The Milestone Hotel & Residences, a beautiful historic mansion hotel in the heart of London, to the truly iconic Oyster Box in South Africa and the magnificent Ashford Castle in Ireland, each Red Carnation Hotel is unique and characterful, with a legacy that we are honoured to continue across our exceptional collection.


We believe in creating thoughtful ‘tiny noticeable touches’ and memorable moments for our guests, from unique experiences that offer an opportunity to connect with local communities and treasured cultural partners in a meaningful way, to candlelit dinners or personalised gifts that set the scene for beautiful celebrations. 


We genuinely care about our people and our local communities. We work hard to protect the wildlife and environments within which we operate, and are passionate about sustainability. Together with The TreadRight Foundation, we strive to #MakeTravelMatter for people, wildlife and the planet.


The Red Carnation story began in 1952, when a beautiful young woman called Bea caught the eye of a distinguished young hotelier named Stanley, who was known for wearing a red carnation in his lapel...

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