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Hear from some of our valued Red Carnation family members about what they love most about their jobs.

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Hear the firsthand journeys of our team members....

Hear from our colleagues at the Ashford Estate

Meet Shane Kerrigan their Concierge Supervisor and Jenny Gavin their Spa Supervisor.

In proud recognition

These awards recognise our commitment to our people and creating a fun, creative and inspiring culture, including career growth and opportunities for all, as well as our far-reaching commitment to sustainability, diversity and inclusivity.

High Flyer Programme

Welcome to Red Carnation's High Flyer Programme, an exclusive 12-month leadership development initiative designed for ambitious graduates passionate about the hospitality industry. With a blend of structured training, hands-on experience, and mentorship, graduates emerge equipped with essential leadership skills and the opportunity to implement change management projects.

Heroes & Legends

Our Heroes and Legends initiative is a tribute to the remarkable contributions made by team members within Red Carnation Hotels. Heroes are individuals who exemplify the core values of Red Carnation Hotels, providing the most amazing, attentive and personable service to our guests. Legends are individuals who have shown outstanding commitment and loyalty to Red Carnation Hotels. Join us as we share the stories and passions of a few special Red Carnation 'heroes' and 'legends'.


RCH IDEA is a company-wide initiative, focusing on the promotion of equality and diversity. IDEA’s overall goal is to help Red Carnation Hotels become a more inclusive employer and encourage a more compassionate workforce. This initiative aids in the fair recruitment and promotion of people from all protected characteristic groups, including ethnicity and sexuality. 

Our eight existing inclusivity circles – including Women, Pride, Culture, Age, and Neurodiverse – meet monthly, both separately and together, to discuss challenges in the workplace and bring forward actionable change.  

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