Welcome to Red Carnation's High Flyer Programme, an exclusive 12-month leadership development initiative designed for ambitious graduates passionate about the hospitality industry. With a blend of structured training, hands-on experience, and mentorship, graduates emerge equipped with essential leadership skills and the opportunity to implement change management projects. We sat down with Bethany Breach, Red Carnation Hotels' Talent Development Officer, to uncover the intricacies of this exclusive leadership development initiative. 

What is the High Flyer programme all about? 

The High Flyer programme is Red Carnation's newest exclusive leadership development initiative tailored for proactive, determined, and ambitious graduates. It's a 12-month fast-track operational programme designed to develop individuals from graduates to leaders, focusing solely on either Rooms Division or Food & Beverage departments. It offers a unique blend of structured training and hands-on experience to prepare participants for exciting management positions within the hospitality industry.   

What sets the High Flyer programme apart from others? 

What truly sets the High Flyer programme apart is its bespoke nature. Unlike traditional leadership programmes, High Flyer offers a tailored experience for each participant, ensuring that key leadership skills are met while allowing individuals to develop their own management style under the guidance of exceptional managers. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to implement a change management project within the hotel and present it to business leaders, providing invaluable exposure and skill development. 

Who is the ideal candidate for the High Flyer programme? 

We're looking for individuals who are genuinely passionate about hotels and possess strong people skills. Candidates should have at least one year of prior experience in the hospitality industry, demonstrating a track record of taking on responsibilities. Resilience, adaptability, and goal orientation are also crucial qualities we seek in applicants, as these traits are essential for success in the programme. 

What can graduates expect to gain from participating in the High Flyer programme? 

Graduates enrolled in the High Flyer programme will benefit from a comprehensive learning approach to management, including on-the-job skills training, learning and development opportunities, and online courses. They will receive guidance from experienced managers, mentorship from General Managers, and direct access to our CEO, Jonathan Raggett. Additionally, participants will have the chance to make a positive impact within the company by getting involved in various committees and projects.   

How can interested individuals sign up for the High Flyer programme? 

If you're interested in joining the High Flyer programme, you can register your interest by emailing me at bbreach@rchmail.com. We welcome enthusiastic individuals who are eager to embark on a rewarding journey towards leadership in the hospitality industry.