In a world often bustling with its own pace, there are those who choose to slow down, to extend a helping hand, and make a difference in the lives of others. The Polokong Elderly Care Centre stands as a shining example of such compassion and dedication, thanks to the unwavering support of donors and volunteers from Xigera and beyond.  

Within the welcoming walls of Polokong, the elderly residents of Maun have not only received nourishing meals but have also been met with warmth and a sense of belonging to a close-knit community. As we reflect on Polokong's achievements in the past year, we have seen community outreach efforts at the centre reached new heights. The centre consistently provided meals for 14 elderly individuals while also delivering nourishing porridge to 68 elderly community members each month. Beyond this, Polokong made personal care for the elderly a top priority by assisting five individuals with bathing and 10 with their laundry needs. 



The transition from summer to winter can be a challenging time for many elderly individuals, but the heart-warming spirit of The centre Polokong always prevailed. When the chill of winter set in, Polokong distributed cosy clothes and blankets to those in need, ensuring they stayed warm and comfortable. As Christmas approached, every cherished member of our elderly community received a special parcel filled with food and toiletries, ensuring that they had a bright festive season.

This year, we took proactive steps, not waiting for help to come to us, but actively seeking out two VDC’s in areas where Polokong's presence was less prominent. The response was heartening, with a third VDC even reaching out to us directly. Through this journey, we had the privilege of meeting 34 remarkable elderly individuals, with 31 of them becoming cherished members of the Polokong family. 

At the heart of Polokong's mission lies its day care centre, which welcomed an impressive 145 elderly visitors, with an average of 10 people attending daily. The activities at the centre fostered not only companionship but also physical well-being and creative expression. Here, the elderly came together to share stories, engage in physical exercise, and explore their artistic talents through various creative activities. 


Polokong's caregivers received additional training from a physiotherapist, equipping them with the skills to care for those with impaired sight, allowing them to consistently go above and beyond for those in need of extra support. With the assistance of a group of student volunteers, they curated exercises and games that were inclusive of all at the centre. 

In the latter half of 2022, Polokong embarked on an expansion journey by initiating the construction of a new home where up to 12 elderly residents will live by the end of 2023. This remarkable endeavour became possible through the generous contribution of the Canadian organisation, Lamb International. 

Throughout the year, Polokong received an abundance of support, enabling them to provide transportation for the elderly, deliver meals, and manage laundry. This support came from incredible organisations, such as the Swiss organisation that provided the centre with a bus, further streamlining Polokong's operations.


In a world where time often rushes forward, Polokong stands as a beacon of hope, slowing down to create a caring and supportive community for the elderly. With the unwavering dedication of its volunteers and the generous support of donors, The Centre continues to make a profound difference in the lives of those it serves, embodying the spirit of compassion and kindness.