At Red Carnation Hotels, we believe we have a responsibility to make travel matter. Our link with TreadRight Foundation places a great deal of emphasis on this responsibility. We’re always looking for ways to get involved with our local community, to impart useful knowledge, and to enrich and benefit the lives of those living alongside us. In October, our wonderful Xigera guides, Ike, Lesh and Genius, went out to Habu village to run a Coaching for Conservation session for students from the primary school. This was hosted in collaboration with Wild Entrust.  

Habu village children

Habu village learning

The next day, our wonderful Xigera guides escorted the primary school children in Standard 6 level classes on an interactive conservation lesson out in the African bush. After hopping into open safari vehicles, our guides headed out with the children from the village on a game drive to the watering hole. Our guides showed off their knowledge, teaching the children about the landscape and the type of animals they could find in their area. Luckily, they were graced with the presence of elephants, impala, and a few other smaller species.  

Habu village game drive

Habu Village elephants

Whilst it may be easy to take for granted these children’s exposure to wildlife - as we would assume their homes in the local area would allow them regular sightings - the fact is that many of these children have never seen an elephant up close. Many local people have also been brought up to believe that all wildlife is bad, and our guides were very helpful in clearing up some of these common myths. 

Habu village children

Whilst some children were out on the game drive, the others remained and took part in a fun vulture rap in the classroom. We were blown away with how involved and excited each child was during this session. This was also a fantastic opportunity for Wild Entrust’s newest member, Kewarona Lasaro, to get a glimpse of what we do. He was very helpful, caught on quickly and was immersed in the day’s activities just as much as the other coaches.  

To learn more about our partnership with Wild Entrust visit our community outreach page