World Food Day is one of the most celebrated days in the UN calendar, with collective action marking the occasion across 150 countries on 16th October. Hundreds of events and outreach activities - promoting worldwide awareness and action - bring together governments, businesses and the general public. As a family-owned and run company, Red Carnation Hotels places a great deal of importance on addressing environmental issues, including the detrimental carbon impact of excess food waste.  

We choose to partner exclusively with food suppliers and businesses that share our eco-friendly values. Our strong focus on local ingredients from local producers results in lower food miles. We have also partnered with Winnow Solutions, the number one food waste solution worldwide. The following video should help you understand a little more about Winnow Solutions. 

Winnow Solutions technology

Winnow Solutions provides Artificial Intelligence tools to help chefs run more profitable, sustainable kitchens by cutting food waste in half.

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Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Winnow Solutions are helping Red Carnation Hotels make a real difference in our kitchens. By identifying what ingredients go to waste at the end of each day, we can plan meals and order produce much more efficiently. Not only does this technology help to save our business money on unused food products, it also helps to reduce our carbon impact by eliminating unnecessary food waste.  

World Food Day 2021 will once again take place while the world deals with the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s important to recognise that the privilege we have can be used to make a positive impact. Show the world how you’re making a difference and make World Food Day your day by sharing your individual action online with #WorldFoodDay.  


Learn more about our partnership with Winnow Solutions and how you can reduce food waste at home.