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Xigera Buffalo

29 Jun 2024 Wildlife stories

June wildlife sightings at Xigera

June brought a stunning array of wildlife moments to Xigera Safari Lodge, and we're excited to share these spectacular sightings with you.

Lepoard In Tree

30 Apr 2024 Wildlife stories

April wildlife sightings at Xigera

As the rainy season comes to an end, a multitude of remarkable animals have reappeared in the Okavango Delta this month, leaving our guests in awe.

25 Mar 2024 Wildlife stories

March wildlife sightings at Xigera

Discover unforgettable wildlife moments at Xigera Safari Lodge, where every sighting is a testament to the wonders of the Okavango Delta.

25 Feb 2024 Wildlife stories

February wildlife sightings at Xigera

Bustling with life, Xigera has shown us so many wonderful animal interactions leaving our guests and guides in awe this February.

Lion laying on the grass plains

31 Jan 2024 Wildlife stories

January wildlife sightings at Xigera

We've had an extraordinary start to the year at Xigera, with many captivating wildlife encounters unfolding before our eyes.

Leopard In a tree Reflecting

11 Jan 2024 Wildlife stories

December wildlife sightings at Xigera

As we bid farewell to 2023, we fondly reflect on the captivating sightings December bestowed upon us.

Zebra's gatehred together grazing grass

06 Dec 2023 Wildlife stories

November wildlife sightings at Xigera

It's been an extraordinary November in Xigera, filled to the brim with captivating wildlife encounters amidst a symphony of birdlife.

Red Lechwe in the bush crossing a river

02 Nov 2023 Wildlife stories

October wildlife sightings at Xigera

This October, we had the privilege of witnessing a remarkable series of incredible wildlife moments within the Okavango Delta.

Lions Xigera January

17 Oct 2023 Wildlife stories

Why Experience Botswana's Green Season?

Discover five compelling reasons why you should consider exploring Botswana during the green season.

Elephants in Xigera

09 Oct 2023 Wildlife stories

September wildlife sightings at Xigera

In September we discovered an abundance of captivating moments that continued to inspire us in the Okavango Delta.

08 Aug 2023 Wildlife stories

July sightings at Xigera

This July, we continued to be inspired by an abundance of captivating moments in the Okavango Delta.

28 Apr 2023 Wildlife stories

April sightings at Xigera

As we approach the end of another month, discover the wealth of inspiring moments here on the Okavango Delta.

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