People and culture group team shot with Vicki Tollman

Diversity & inclusion

Photograph of central team

A company-wide initiative

RCH IDEA was created to work in tandem with our parent company’s diversity initiative, TTC (The Travel Corporation) IDEA. IDEA is far more than just a buzzword, it is an ongoing project led by our Co-Chairs: Scott Clinton, Emma Mackey and Trevor Baker-O’Haire. Our eight existing identity circles – including Women, Pride, Culture, Age, and Neurodiverse – meet monthly, both separately and together, to discuss challenges in the workplace and bring forward actionable change.  

IDEA Festival

Our first IDEA Festival took place between 20th - 24th September 2021. The IDEA Festival week acted as a celebration of diversity, including panel discussions, guest speakers and inspirational talks hosted by members of the IDEA committee. This week aimed to grow the IDEA inclusivity circles and get more employees involved in this initiative, in turn providing more support and improved networking opportunities for members of diverse groups, and a greater overall understanding of the challenges faced by diverse employees in addition to the barriers that they have already overcome. 

Pride Month

Hear from our Co-Chair of IDEA, Scott Clinton, and a selection of our colleagues about what Pride means to them.

Introducing the women of Xigera

In celebration of International Women's Day, we spoke to the women of Xigera Safari Lodge about their passions, purposes, and what brings them happiness.

Interview with Victoria Tollman

For International Women's Day, we also spoke to Victoria Tollman, our Executive Vice President, on the inspirational women in her life and what inspires her every day.