Ashford Castle Estate has launched a new chocolate and patisserie concept, PaulaPastry, which promises to be current, creative, and full of flavour. Developed by award-winning Pastry Chef Paula Stakelum, Global Director of Chocolate and Pâtisserie at The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, this new venture is set to tantalise your taste buds.

Located at Mrs Tea’s Boutique on the Ashford Estate grounds, PaulaPastry is a new pâtissier and chocolate counter that will feature signature pastries and chocolates, with flavours reflecting both the seasons and the estate. Each delectable treat is crafted in small batches by Paula and her team, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and the finest flavours possible. Guests can purchase their favourites from Ashford Castle, including our signature chocolate shards, as well as seasonal offers that include indulgent praline spreads, chocolate covered nuts, and hot chocolates. Hand-crafted chocolates and snack bars are also available both individually and as a beautifully presented box of 10.

Paula and her team have a vision to build on the deep-rooted relationship between Ashford Castle and chocolate. Their new pâtissier and chocolate counter aims to bring the essence of the estate to life through their chocolate and pastry creations, producing something that visitors will only ever experience from the Ashford Estate. Foraging for wild ingredients is a key element of the recipes featured at PaulaPastry, infusing sweet treats with elements from the local and natural environment around them.

Sustainability is also a core focus of PaulaPastry. The cocoa beans used to make Ashford Castle’s signature chocolates are ethically sourced, and no single-use plastic is used in production or packaging. Ashford Estate has a long-established partnership with revered chocolate brand Valrhona due to its values surrounding sustainability, sourcing, and quality. As part of this partnership, Paula Stakelum has created two chocolate blends with Valrhona titled ‘Legend’ and ‘Legacy’ By Ashford Castle. ‘Legend’ offers a 55% cocoa content, for a rich chocolate tasting experience, while the new ‘Legacy’ chocolate blend features notes of Legend and hazelnut. Both blends will be used as the base ingredients for each offering at PaulaPastry. The opening pastries will feature the new ‘Legacy’ chocolate blend, Vanilla, lemon, and estate apple.

In keeping with Ashford Castle’s commitment to the local community, the PaulaPastry symbol represents ‘Pobal’. 'Pobal' encompasses everything that the local community means to Ashford Castle. The circle above the Logo reminds them of where and who it all began with, the people at Ashford Castle.

PaulaPastry is set to become the new must-visit destination for anyone with a love for chocolate. The combination of award-winning pastry chef Paula Stakelum's expertise, ethically sourced ingredients, and commitment to sustainability, all infused with the essence of Ashford Castle Estate, is a recipe for success. So why not indulge your senses and head over to Mrs Tea's Boutique to sample these delicious treats for yourself? For more information, follow PaulaPastry on Instagram @paula_pastry.