What was your background before you worked at Ashford Castle?

I attended Headford Presentation Secondary School and also helped my father on our family farm.

What was your first experience of Ashford Castle?

As a child, we were often bought to Ashford to walk its grounds to celebrate special occasions and I have always had a deep love for the Castle.

What were your thoughts when you saw the Castle for the first time after the restoration?

I was very impressed both at the level of detail and the feeling and essence that is still very much Ashford Castle.

Tell me something about Ashford that people might not know?

There are so many unique stories about Ashford, but my personal favourite is the fact that generations of staff work there. You may be greeted at the door by a man whose son will later serve you in the restaurant. My mother spent time working at Ashford before I joined and now my son works alongside me at weekends.

What makes Ashford so special?

It's setting, its history, its staff and guests. They all intertwine to make Ashford so incredibly special.

What does a typical day at Ashford look like for you?

While no two days are exactly the same, I enjoy welcoming guests to the Castle, ensuring the safe transportation of their luggage to their rooms.

What is your favourite part of your role?

Greeting our guests, welcoming them to Ashford, some for the first time and some for multiple return stays.

What do you do to relax when you are not working?

I enjoy gardening, walking and long cycles.

What three words would you use to describe Ashford?

Unique, beautiful and historical.

What is the proudest achievement of your time at Ashford Castle?

I have so many wonderful memories associated with the Castle... I have worked here for 32 years and so have grown up alongside the Castle, meeting some of the world's most famous dignitaries, royalty and actors.