In 2023, Red Carnation Hotels demonstrated its unwavering commitment to community service by donating a remarkable total of 2,649 volunteer hours across its properties. As we reflect on the impact of our efforts, acknowledge outstanding volunteers, and share our plans for the upcoming year, it's evident that our commitment to making a positive difference remains stronger than ever.

The above photo was taken in January 2024 in Cong, Ireland, where our General Managers and Executive team, including Vicki Tollman, led the campaign for using their volunteering days this year by volunteering with the local Tidy Towns, to lay the foundations for the new community medicine garden.

Volunteering Highlights

nurah brown

Nurah Brown from Xigera providing sanitary products for young girls in Botswana

We take pride in selecting and recognising a Volunteer of the Month globally here at Red Carnation Hotels, with individuals like Nurah Brown from Xigera, leading by example. A few months ago, Nurah Brown, who works at the Xigera Safari Lodge Maun Office, started a sanitary pads campaign, a much-needed initiative for young girls in Southern Africa. Many young girls miss three to four days of school a month due to taboos around menstruation and an inability to afford proper sanitary products.

By driving this initiative, Nurah is paving the way for a future where girls can go to school with confidence. This supports their wellbeing and their schooling, and also helps to pave the way for future generations of eco-ambassadors by protecting their right to education. We are very proud of Nurah and her continuous efforts to try to better people’s lives. The diverse range of talents and dedication displayed by these individuals showcases the heart of our volunteer program.

Volunteering Hours 

beach clean at oyster box

Members of The Oyster Box team helping keep South African beaches clean

Breaking down the numbers, Red Carnation Hotels collectively contributed 2,649 hours to charitable causes in 2023, meaning that we have already met and exceed our Make Travel Matter pledge 4 years ago to achieve 6,000 hours of volunteering by 2025. The Milestone Hotel & Residences, The Rubens at the Palace, Hotel 41, and The Oyster Box emerged as frontrunners, underlining our commitment to giving back in various communities. All volunteering within Red Carnation is in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and always fits into one of three pillars: people, planet or wildlife. Primarily, all volunteering is driven by the hotels individually as well as being supported by the centralised Red Carnation Hotels sustainability committee who work with The TreadRight Foundation as part of The Travel Corporation's family of brands.  

Charitable Partnerships


Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

A snapshot of our 2023 volunteering activities includes engaging with initiatives such as WrapUpLondon, Starlight, Hospitality Action, AIM Soup Kitchen and  Great Ormond Street Hospital. These partnerships illustrate the breadth of our commitment to making a positive impact on various fronts. This year, Red Carnation Hotels is set to continue its philanthropic initiatives with a robust plan. Each employee at Red Carnation Hotels is allocated two volunteering days per year to donate to the charity of their choice, examples in the past have included UK Volunteers' Week, World Cleanup Day, International Day of Charity, and International Volunteer Day. Our calendar is filled with opportunities for our team to make a positive impact.

Red Carnation Hotels continues to lead the way in corporate social responsibility through volunteering. As we embark on another year of giving back, we invite our team members to join us in creating positive change in the communities we serve. Together, we can make a lasting impact that extends far beyond the walls of our hotels.