At Red Carnation Hotels, we believe in nurturing your wellbeing while experiencing the very best the city has to offer. From high-energy HIIT sessions to rejuvenating pilates classes, we've handpicked the finest workout experiences to cater to all preferences and fitness levels all within a short walking distance of our London hotels. Get ready to sculpt, sweat, and savour the ultimate fitness journey amid the bustling heart of London.

Exercise classes in Mayfair

Being one of the most sophisticated boroughs in London, Mayfair offers some of the best workout classes in the city just a short stroll away from the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel


pilates and strength workout

FS8, Mayfair

FS8 combines the Pilates reformer with mat work, dumbbells and activation bands, strength exercises and yoga, and breath work ensures the eight key elements that form the core principles are ticked off. 


woman doing pilates

Barrecore, Mayfair

The high intensity, low impact Barrecore classes are an effective and efficient way to exercise your entire body and are suitable for all ages, genders, fitness levels and abilities. 


fitness instructors

Rowbots, Mayfair

ROWBOTS is a mindset-led fitness brand offering workouts centred around the rowing machine, the ultimate piece of equipment, offering a whole-body, low-impact workout that works up to 86% of the body at one time.

Exercise classes in Kensington

Discover the fitness paradise nestled within Kensington, London, a short walking distance away from both The Egerton House Hotel and The Milestone Hotel & Residences. Whether you're seeking to sweat or find inner peace, we have the perfect class to elevate your wellbeing amid this sought-after district in London.

Pilates Circuit

woman doing pilates

Pilates Circuits, Kensington

These dynamic contemporary reformer Pilates classes by Pilates Circuits are led by expert trainers who focus on quality of movement to help improve your strength and mobility.


man on running machine

KXU class, Kensington

Enjoy a HIIT, Strength, U-CYCLE, yoga or barre classes in London's sleekest studio, KXU. These best-in-class trainers know exactly how to take your fitness to the next level. 


strength training

F45, Kensington

F45 Training is a revolutionary fitness program that combines cutting-edge technology with high-intensity group workouts to deliver maximum results in just 45 minutes.

Exercise classes in Victoria

From the high intensity strength and cardio workout at Barry's, to the sculpting reformer pilates classes at 1Rebel, there are plenty of exercise classes just around the corner from The Rubens at The Palace and Hotel 41, in the heart of Victoria.  


1rebel studio victoria

1Rebel Studio, Victoria

At the Victoria 1Rebel studio, you'll enter London's largest spin class, housing 80 guests across two floors and the best sound system you’ll find in London. Plus, experience the newly opened reformer studio, for a strength and core session you'll love.


gymbox studio london

GymBox, London 

Whether you like to spin, spar, stretch, lift, dance or take a deep breath, between them, GymBox in Victoria gives you access to all the classes, studio space, and first-class kit you need.


Barry's Class, Victoria

The original high intensity interval workout. Barry's tones muscle and maximises fat loss with a combination of running and weights.

Exercise classes in Bloomsbury

From dynamic fitness challenges to soul-soothing practices, discover a diverse array of workouts led by expert instructors in Bloomsbury, a short stroll away from The Montague Hotel on the Gardens


barry's bootcamp class

Barry's Exercise Class, Central London

Held their central London Studio, Barry’s is a 50 to 60 minute cardio and strength-building workout designed to help your body burn up to 1,000 calories thanks to their carefully crafted program that is as effective as it is fun.


fitness instructor on spin bike

SoulCycle class, Central London 

Challenge your body and recharge your soul with the SoulCycle all-out 45, 60 and 90-minute workouts that are a guaranteed to boost your mood. 


woman doing pilates

At the Holborn 1Rebel Studio, you'll find Reshape, 1Rebel's most gruelling workout as well as a reformer Pilates studio.