This week, we have been privileged to see many lions around camp, as well as a magnificent bull elephant and a Malachite Kingfisher – a beautiful little jewel of a bird.


Our guide Salani spotted our resident lion Alice making herself heard close to the bridge.

We saw one of Sisilia's female cubs gracefully climb down the trunk of an African Ebony tree in this fantastic sequence.

From the gate, this lioness was seen prowling between the entrance to the staff village and the screen. View video.

Our guide Ike spotted this majestic bull elephant crossing onto the lodge island – his vantage point from the mokoro gives an impressive perspective. View video.

Out on the boats or by mokoro we often see the Malachite Kingfisher darting over the water and landing on any piece of vegetation close by. They are such beautiful little birds and it’s always exciting to see them.

These two mating lions were waiting to greet guests this morning in our helicopter shelter…