The first of our yellow billed kites arrived at Xigera during September. For us, the sight of this wonderful migrant signals the beginning of summer. 

Yellow billed kite blue skies Xigera

Yellow billed kite flying Xigera

Below, you’ll see a beautiful flock of endangered wattled cranes. This photograph was taken by Ike Mogalakwe, a guide at Xigera Safari Lodge. 

Endangered wattled cranes Xigera

Ike also captured this exceptional elephant photograph. As the dry and hot conditions prevail, the elephants at Xigera look for more nutritious and softer vegetation in the rivers and floodplains. 

Elephant in waterways Xigera

Cape buffalo are such impressive animals. As the water level drops the bigger herds come into the Xigera area and are a wonderful sight. The calls of the yellow billed oxpeckers are often heard before the buffalo come into sight. 

Cape buffalo on floodplains Xigera

The below was captured during a beautiful morning on the boat. Whilst cruising on the Boro channel, this male elephant was found feeding along the route. Our guide waited for the white-faced ducks to fly behind him before snapping this picture to result in a more dramatic photo.  

Elephant in front of white faced ducks Xigera

Below, you'll see a series of photographs of one of our dominant male lions, Lekau. These pictures were taken as he followed his brother, who crossed the water before him. After 30 minutes of consideration, Lekau made up his mind and finally crossed the channel by our boat jetty to find his brother. Both lions went past our Baobab Treehouse to the eastern side of the lodge. 

Male lion crossing water Xigera Safari Lodge

Male lion crossing water Xigera Safari Lodge

Male lion crossing water Xigera Safari Lodge

Male lion crossing water Xigera Safari Lodge

Male lion crossing water Xigera Safari Lodge

Finally, take a look at this selection of images from the past few days, including some photographs our loveable lion cubs. 

Lion cubs playing Xigera

Lion cubs playing Xigera wildlife sightings

Elephant rubbing against a tree Xigera

Elephant rubbing against a tree Xigera

Springbok fighting Xigera Safari Lodge

Elephant walking Xigera Safari Lodge

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