As the warmer weather increases, we're seeing an increase in sightings across the camp. The below photographs have been taken by our guides Ike Mogalakwe and Salani Gambule.

This includes herds of elephants that can be seen morning and evening, the herd usually consists of 10 - 35 elephants. The waterways are the perfect feeding ground for these mammals

Also spotted, an elephant directly passing the accommodation. Giraffes soon followed suit. 

Giraffe sightings have increased significantly in  Xigera since the water levels have dropped. The below image is of a male giraffe, captured in the early morning.

Also near the accommodation, Pel's fishing owl perched on a Jackal Berry tree throughout the whole day. The above are some of the wonderful examples of wildlife that you can see before you have even left your room to embark on Xigera's many activities. 

We have also had increased sightings of Boitumelo, Sisilia's daughter, mother to three cubs.

The below images are of Boitumelo transporting her cubs across the channel, nearby our camp. We believe she had captured kill there.

Not to forget our leopards, captured below is Motalepula's second male cub, who hasn't been photographed in a long time.

Boitumelo and her cubs...

walking past our energy centre