On the cusp of summer, Xigera has graced us with many remarkable sightings throughout the month of September. In this blog post, we invite you to join us on a journey to discover the extraordinary wildlife that calls the land surrounding Xigera Safari Lodge its home.

Photos captured by Des 

Our incredible guides have provided us with some detailed descriptions of their encounters with the wildlife this month.

In the heart of the African Savannah, our guides were lucky to spot a majestic lioness moving gracefully through the tall grass, and point this out to our guests. This particular lioness had endured several days of separation from her pride during a fierce territorial dispute. Soon, she spotted a herd of Tsessebe, grazing on the lush grasses surrounding the Xigera suites nearby. With an explosive burst of power, our guides and guests watched in awe as she sprang forward, and successfully killed the Antelope.

                                             Photo captured by Des                                         

Photo captured by Carike

By Ike

Our guests experienced an exceptional September filled with remarkable birdlife sightings during game drives. 

By Des 

A tranquil scene of elephants peacefully grazing on the dry flood plains as the sunset creates a dramatic red hue over the Okavango Delta.


Photos captured by Des

The above image depicts one of our resident leopards and her playful cub draped over a tree in a traditional leopard pose, enjoying the warm glow of the setting sun. Peaceful moments in the Okavango Delta are incredibly special to behold, and we were thrilled that our guests could see this glimpse of tranquillity.

September has provided us with remarkable wildlife encounters in Xigera; these experiences serve as a powerful reminder of the privilege we have to coexist within the Okavango Delta and our commitment to its preservation. Looking towards October, the migratory birds start making their way back to the Okavango Delta and we are eager to see their majestic arrival.