We are proud to partner with Beyond Curated, who offer the most luxurious, private heritage and cultural British experiences.  With 27 years of experience in luxury and fine jewellery, founder Linda Hugo, has an in-depth understanding of this refined world, which she invites our guests to enjoy.

Select from the elements below and Linda will create a bespoke programme for you to suit your schedule:

  • Visit a Mayfair Heritage Jeweller and enjoy behind the scenes insights, with champagne in their private salon, whilst discovering their rich history, famous royal jewels and rare treasures.
  • Enjoy a private visit to the Tower of London after hours to view the Crown Jewels and take in a private and atmospheric tour of the Tower grounds with a Yeoman Warder. 
  • Celebrate design with a morning experiencing Eltham Palace, an Art Deco marvel featured in The Crown. Enjoy a private tour with a curator, followed by Art Deco afternoon tea at The Milestone.
  • Delve into fashion and history with a private visit to Kensington Palace before it opens to the public and enjoy a curator tour of the Palace and the amazing ‘Royal Style in the Making’ exhibition featuring Diana, Princess of Wales, iconic wedding dress.  Follow this experience with a chauffeur drive in the Queen Mum’s Daimler to a royal Mayfair jeweller for a private afternoon tea and royal jewelled insights.
  • Discover British craftsmanship with visits to a selection of unique showroom which feature the finest handcrafted luxury items, some of them holding sought after Royal Warrants.  Learn about the history and the secrets of their craft.  As a VIP visitor with private access behind the scenes, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy some shopping in their exclusive showrooms. 

Pricing from £660 per person.

Please enquire for your personalised experience and tailored quotation.

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