At Red Carnation Hotels, we know the importance of a good night’s sleep. Not only does sleep improve our guests’ wellbeing; it enhances their experiences and immersion in the beautiful settings of our hotels. That is why we have partnered with Savoir Beds to furnish our suites with the most premier beds likely ever created. In a select number of suites at Red Carnation properties, our guests may experience the deepest, dreamiest nights of sleep available.

The sensational Savoir bed

The Savoir story began over 100 years ago in London, when a bed was needed to create cloud-like sleeps for the city’s visiting celebrities. Since then, Savoir has supplied the beds of the world’s most illustrious personalities, including the likes of Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire.

Each bed is a bespoke hand-made masterpiece, an apogee of time-honoured craftsmanship that takes over 30 hours to come into fully-fledged being. From the onset, only the finest organic, natural materials are used, sought specifically not only for their comfort but for their breathability and lasting luxury. These materials help sleepers regulate fluctuating body temperatures thereby ensuring undisturbed, deep sleep.

Horse-tail hair provides the ideal upholstery filling. Its length ensures consistency and even layers, further increasing breathability. Savoir is the only company to place horsehair at the heart of their mattresses; it is sourced from South America, before being steamed and twisted for three months to ensure spring. Millions of these springs are hand-teased onto a mattress, then supplemented by Cashmere from free-roaming goats on the Mongolian Steppes, natural cotton, laid cord and lambswool.

Given the complication and time expenditure of such a layered bed-making process, fewer than 1,000 Savoir beds may be made throughout the year. Each is a unique work of art that enables the perfect night’s sleep in four distinct ways. Proper support relieves sleep loss through movement; a slight sinking in the bed cradles the spine to improve circulation; organic materials allow breathability and channel moisture for body temperature regulation, and the large space (larger than king size) reduces partner disturbances when sharing.

The many benefits of the perfect sleep

Savoir beds are so revered, in part because of the immeasurable benefits they bestow upon their sleepers. Put into perspective, a bed is where you will spend a third of your time, using those peaceful hours to recuperate, restore and prepare your mind and body for the coming day. These are just a few of the benefits undisturbed, unparalleled sleep will confer on those who spend a night atop a Savoir signature mattress:

Sleep improves concentration and productivity

Frequent business travellers will undoubtedly be able to relate to the importance of a good night’s sleep between catching flights, attending meetings and also taking the chance to get to know the destination they’re in a little better. Sleeping soundly the night before a busy day boosts productivity to leave the best impression when it matters most.

Sleep boosts energy and fitness

Whether a trip is for business or pleasure, travel can consume a lot of energy. And who wants to miss out on the experiences there for the taking because they didn’t quite get enough sleep. Make the most of your time away, from a leisurely breakfast at first light to seeing the city after dark.

Sleep makes you happier

Maximise your travel experience by boosting how happy you feel; it’s a known fact that getting more sleep translates to having a more positive outlook. As you hop between famous landmarks, browse the local markets and delve into the eating and drinking scene, you know you’ll be seeing it in the very best light.

Sleep can improve metabolism

An added advantage of getting plenty of sleep is that it’s proven to increase the body’s metabolism, making that extra bit of indulgence every trip encompasses seem less of a concern; sightseeing does burn a lot of energy, after all.

Sleep makes you more sociable

At Red Carnation we take pride in making every guest feel at home, with the concierge who are always on hand to give restaurant recommendations and sightseeing tips. It’s by talking to locals in this way that travellers can find out about the lesser-known sites and really get under the skin of a destination.

Sleep can improve memory

We’ve all had days that seem a blur shortly afterwards because we were too tired to take everything in. As travel experiences so often become treasured memories, make sure you remember the time you’ve had by getting plenty of sleep during your stay.

Sleep makes you feel more relaxed

Finally, it’s important to remember that you’re on holiday, and while travel is for experiencing the local culture, trying the food and seeing the local sites, it’s also a chance to relax. And this comes far more naturally after a sound night’s sleep.

Stay with Red Carnation Hotels to experience the singular quality of our custom-made Savoir beds.