What is your full name?

Rose Tuffy

What is your role at Ashford Castle?

Kitchen Assistant

What was your background before you worked at Ashford Castle?

I worked in a sewing factory and then looked after my 5 children.

What was your first experience of Ashford Castle?

My first experience of Ashford was when I had my Job interview in 2002.

What were your thoughts when you saw the Castle for the first time after the restoration?

I though the castle looked stunning.

What is something about Ashford Castle that people might not know?

In the time that I have worked at Ashford Castle, our Afternoon Tea menu has grown a lot. There is now a lot more to choose from than when I first began working here.

What makes Ashford so special?

The guests that stay with us here. It is particularly exciting meeting all the famous people who come to stay.

What does a typical day at Ashford look like for you?

When I start work, I must keep the dishwasher loaded along with all my other duties

What is your favourite part of your role?

The teams here at Ashford are great. I particularly enjoy going for a coffee with my colleagues during my break.

What do you do to relax when you are not working?

I like gardening and spending time with my children and grandchildren.

What three words would you use to describe Ashford?

Historical, Amazing, Magical

What is the proudest achievement of your time at Ashford Castle? 

My 20 years of service in Ashford Castle have been my biggest achievement.