The winter season has again brought some exceptional sightings to Xigera. As the Okavango Delta continues to swell with waters running from the Angolan Highland, so too has the number of wildlife sightings at our camp.

Our unique blend of water plains and grassland has granted us continued sightings of our lions and leopards who continue to breed here at Xigera, as well as exceptional moments of elephants, hippos, and big cats exploring the channels and waterways that the floods have brought forth.

Lioness and cubs swimming across channel

cub in channel

Photos by Oratile Gotshajwang

One safari saw the heart-stopping moment that two lionesses from our Western Pride safely carried their cubs across the channel to a kill on an island. The pride’s prince was also close by; however, their discreet carriage meant a feed for both the females and the six cubs. Our unique landscape makes sightings like these exclusive to our camp.

Lioness and cub

Photo by Oratile Gotshajwang

The smallest cub of the Western Pride however stayed behind, guarded by one of the other females and the pride's dominant male. From our frequent sightings of our Western Pride, it is clear that both the adults and cubs are thriving at our camp. 

Lionesses and cubs

Lioness and lion at Xigera

Photos by Ikalaheng Mogalakwe

The waterways have also brought us some beautiful moments of our hippos bathing in the glistening channels of the delta, as well as a herd of wildebeest racing across the flood plains – a sighting that could only happen at Xigera.

Wildebeest running through water plains

Photo by Oratile Gotshajwang

Hippo in the delta

Photo by Salani Gambule

In May, Motlalepula, our leopard was again spotted at camp. She had been missing for over a year whilst her cubs were still spotted regularly. Her return brought great relief across Xigera. Here, we can see one of her cubs (who was born in Suite 2) tying his luck at some impalas in the bushes.

Leopard cub in grassland

Photo by Oratile Gotshajwang

We have also had some extraordinary sightings of the cubs playing together, who appear to be flourishing in the Xigera plains.

Leopard cubs playing at Xigera

Leopards playing

Photos by Ikalaheng Mogalakwe

Our guests have also bore witness to some incredible sightings of our herd animals this June, including our giraffes and elephants.

giraffes fighting

Photo by Salani Gambule

Photos by Ikalaheng Mogalakwe


Photo by Phodiso Obusitswe

elephant at Xigera

Photo by Oratile Gotshajwang

Guests on this safari also came face to face with one of our male elephants. We anticipated he was about to cross the channel and waited patiently for him to do so as he feasted on the surrounding rice grass.