The TreadRight Foundation, The Travel Corporation’s not-for-profit, has released another short film featuring filmmaker and environmentalist, Céline Cousteau, speaking to the critical role travel plays in empowering local food producers and communities. At a time when it’s clear that the balance between people and the planet has been lost, the film follows Cousteau as she rediscovers her roots in France and meets local producers dedicated to living in harmony with the land that nourishes all people. During this time of physical distancing and sheltering in place, people around the world have been focused on shopping locally and sustainably. TreadRight and Céline wish to encourage this as an ongoing practice for travellers as the world begins to slowly re-open again.

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A deep respect for the planet has been ingrained in Céline’s life since childhood and is the foundation of her career. 'As a filmmaker, I look for connections between people and the planet, and this pause has allowed me to unearth some of those stories in my own backyard,' says Céline Cousteau. The film follows Céline through France’s Alpilles, not too far from her childhood home, and features Moulin du Calanquet – an olive oil mill owned and operated by fifth-generation siblings of the Brun family, a beautiful example of the link between tourism and sustainable food production.

Guided by TreadRight, The Travel Corporation (TTC) and its 40 brands continuously work to connect guests with local and authentic dining experiences that support destinations and their local economies. Farm-to-Table experiences are one way TTC’s brands are building connections between guests, hosts, and the planet. Available across its various brand itineraries, Farm-to-Table meals feature a fresh selection of ingredients and wine sourced from each trip’s regional farmers and growers. Examples include Insight Vacations’ Heskyn Mill Farm-to-Table dinner, featured on its 10-day Best of Britain journey, and Contiki’s Hosanna Farm Visit, included on a number of its Australian trips. Additionally, guests travelling with Luxury Gold can visit Moulin du Calanquet, featured in the short film, on select itineraries to learn about the history of the unique olive oil mill, the process of olive oil production, and proper tasting techniques.

'The COVID-19 pause on travel has provided us with a natural reset, and in many places around the world, we have seen the positive environmental impacts, says Shannon Guihan, Chief TreadRight and Sustainability Officer. 'This has allowed us to reflect on how to keep this momentum going forward, particularly in the travel industry. Thinking more consciously about all of our choices, from the day-to-day like which local producers we support, to bigger decisions like which companies we travel with such as The Travel Corporation, can make a considerable difference,' Guihan added.

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