Great Ormond Street Hospital, or GOSH, provides vital medical care and support for children facing serious illnesses and conditions. In the heart of Bloomsbury, GOSH stands as a beacon of hope for countless families across the globe. Red Carnation Hotels are proud to be a charitable partner of GOSH, offering long-term support for such an important cause. We are pleased to say that as a company, Red Carnation Hotels have raised an astounding £400,000 so far for GOSH, a testament to our shared values and unwavering dedication to making a difference.

Members of the Red Carnation Hotel team accepting plaques commemorating their £400,000 donation to GOSH

What sets GOSH apart is not just the medical expertise it offers, but the unparalleled level of detail and care that permeates every corner of the hospital. From the meticulously crafted design of the building, to the imaginative murals adorning the walls, every aspect of GOSH tells a story of resilience and courage. As you enter GOSH, you're greeted by an unusual reception desk in the form of a ship, named Oscar, after a family whose son was in GOSH, serving as a symbol of hope and adventure. Here, there is a lowered check-in desk, a space for children to feel part of the process as well as their parents. As night falls, each room has the ability to show a projection of Peter Pan on the wall, signalling to every patient that it's time to rest. Additionally, in one part of GOSH, you'll find an enclosed outdoor space reminiscent of a Disney theme park, this is a particularly incredible space where children can interact with one another and let their imaginations run wild. 

But perhaps what truly sets GOSH apart, is its unwavering commitment to ensuring that every child feels at home. Gone is the sterile scent that often haunts hospitals, replaced instead by an ambiance of warmth and comfort. Amidst all the incredible lengths GOSH has taken to make it a warm and inviting space, it's important to remember the roots from which GOSH has grown. What began as a humble establishment with just ten beds has blossomed into a sprawling sanctuary that occupies a considerable space in the heart of Bloomsbury. Through the years, it has remained a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of compassion and humanity.

Great Ormond Street Hospital continues to pave the way for a future where every child's journey is marked not just by survival, but by moments of joy, laughter, and endless possibility. Red Carnation Hotels is privileged to be affiliated with such a significant charitable organisation. If you're able, please consider donating to Great Ormond Street Hospital to support the critical care and treatment of children in need. Every contribution makes a difference in their journey towards better health and brighter futures.