Together with the TreadRight Foundation, the not-for-profit arm of TTC, we are delighted to share this checklist as a simple way to becoming a more responsible traveller.

We encourage you to use it and share amongst friends and family.

1. Do your research

Choose companies that have a commitment to responsible travel and to minimizing the footprint of their offices and operations.

Our five-year sustainability, strategy How We Tread Right, addresses our collective impact on our planet, its people, and wildlife through 11 goals tied to the UN Global Goals.

Request your travel documents be sent to you electronically rather than printed and mailed to reduce paper waste.

Consider traveling during shoulder seasons, or to less popular areas.

Fly direct; take-off and landing are the most fuel intensive portions of the flight.

Consider airlines that are investing in sustainable aviation fuels.

Leopard in a tree at Xigera Safari Lodge

2. Be prepared

Pack reusables such as a water bottle or personal water filter, coffee cup and reusable shopping bags.

Bring toiletries in reusable and refillable bottles.

Pack light: the heavier the airplane, the more greenhouse gases it emits.

Learn local greetings and customs before you go.

Xigera greeting

3. Tread right while travelling

Refuse single-use plastic and recycle when this cannot be avoided.

Shop and eat locally to support the community.

Purchase locally made souvenirs and pay a fair price.

Avoid any purchase of wildlife products such as ivory.

Do not ride animals that ought not be ridden.

Adhere to hotel linen reuse programs to reduce water and energy consumption

Walk, bike, or use public transportation when possible.

Take shorter showers and avoid baths.

Turn off all lights, heat/AC, and TV when you leave your room.

When in use, keep AC at a moderate temperature.

Honour local customs, immerse yourself in the local culture and listen intentionally to local community members.

Visit a local farmer’s market and meet the growers of your food, try a farm-to-table meal or join a Make Travel Matter Experience.

Seek out experiences that are owned by or employ underrepresented communities.

Research wildlife venues and be sure they adhere to reputable animal welfare guidelines.

Cycling at Bushmans Kloof

4. Upon return

Share your experiences and learnings with friends and family.

Learn more about our sustainability strategy "How We Tread Right" here.